VPNgeniX is a VPN service provider. We make installing and utilizing antivirus software and VPN servers easier for anyone requiring them.

VPN or virtual private network servers hide the IP address of devices by sending out the tracking data to various locations on the globe. An IP address is a unique identification number for every device that allows communication. Tracing the online activity back to a particular device becomes impossible by hiding the IP address, allowing the user to surf the web anonymously.

Changing your VPN server with VPNgeniX is as simple as activating the VPN extension in the browser of your device.

VPN servers randomly choose IP addresses from all over the world. While you cannot change your IP address to another specific IP address, VPNgeniX allows you to choose particular countries where you can send the tracking data.

This feature allows you to browse the web as a connection from a specific country. It is especially helpful if you want to browse content that is restricted in your country.

You can use VPNgeniX services on any device with Chrome OS, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Windows. You can also get VPNgeniX for business use.

VPNgeniX is a VPN service provider. We offer the most reliable VPN servers to our customers. These include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, FastestVPN, CyberGhost, Avast, Private Internet Access, AVG, atlastVPN, and IP Vanish.

VPNs can be very expensive. But we believe in online privacy right for everyone. With VPNgeniX, you can utilize any VPN service of your choice for an affordable price or even free!

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