How to Protect Your Phone from Juice Jacking Attacks

How to Protect Your Phone from Juice Jacking Attacks

Our smartphones have become an essential fixture in our lives. It is almost impossible to envision a life where you cannot access any information you want or connect to people at all times. This also means that our smartphones are with us at all times, and using them in public means they can be used to compromise our personal information. One such way your phone’s security can be compromised is through juice jacking attacks.

Juice jacking attacks can be a major security threat to our phones. This article discusses juice jacking attacks in detail and how you can avoid falling prey to this attack.

What Are Juice Jacking Attacks?

A juice jacking attack happens when a hacker gets access to a phone’s data or installs malware by connecting it to a public charging port that has been compromised. A public charging port could be in an airport, a coffee shop, a mall, or any other public place. When you plug your phone into the compromised port, the hacker can then access your phone’s data, including your photos, contacts, and passwords.

Measures for Protecting Your Phones from Juice Jacking Attacks

While juice jacking attacks can be dangerous, there are plenty of effective methods you can use to prevent them. Here are some ways you can protect your phone from juice jacking attacks:

1. Use Your Own Charger or a Power Bank

One of the easiest and most practical ways to prevent juice jacking attacks is by avoiding public charging ports altogether. You can take your own phone charger or a power back along with you when going out so you can remain connected, and you don’t have to use public charging ports. Make sure to use a charger from a reputable company since the counterfeit kind can also be compromised.

2. Use a VPN

You can use a public charging port without any fear if you use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN reroutes your internet traffic through a private server, making it increasingly difficult for the hacker to intercept your data. Highly credible VPNs like Nord VPN or Cyber Ghost will make your internet surfing completely secure and protect your phone from any juice jacking attacks.

3. Use a USB Data Blocker

A USB data blocker is a highly useful device that blocks any transfer of information to and from your phone when it is plugged into a public charging port. It works by only allowing the charging pins to connect, while blocking the data transfer pins. This means your phone will charge but not transfer data, making it safe from juice jacking attacks. USB data blockers are inexpensive and widely available online.

Final Thoughts

Juice jacking attacks can be dangerous but sometimes you have to use a public charging port in cases of emergency. In such a case, having your phone connected to a VPN at all times is highly important, and you don’t have to think twice before charging your phone. GeniX’s VPNs are highly reliable, secure, and do not slow down your internet speed as well. Visit this page to learn more about our range of VPNs.