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Why Do You Need To Hide Your IP Address Anyway?

Your computer’s IP address is an identification code that lets web pages know where your online activities originate. By linking your surfing history to your IP address, browsers like Chrome can preserve extensive records of your past searches.

For various reasons, you may need to choose a virtual private network to hide your IP address. Here are a few of them:


1. Refrain Advertising Companies from Monitoring You

When you register on sites like Facebook or Google, you authorize these firms to monitor your browsing activity to show you related advertisements. A few consumers may find these advertisements, while others may find them annoying.

You are not required to stop utilizing their services if you dislike the idea of advertising companies like these keeping an eye on everything you do on the internet. Therefore, use a suggested virtual private network like VPNgeniX for hiding IP addresses.


2. Protect Your Internet Service Provider From Your Activities

Internet service providers can also monitor your internet activities by using your IP address. These providers are presently not prohibited from doing this in the U.S. by any regulations since most consumers have little option in their service provider.

Although your internet service provider might now secure your information, they might later continue marketing it without your permission. Companies make money from more than their annual subscription bill by giving your surfing data to marketers and advertisers.


3. Keeping Your Personal Information Private

If your work involves research, you might want to keep things confidential. This may apply to reporters, members of federal agents, politicians, celebrities, and more. You may easily make your search confidential by hiding your IP address.

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4. Secure Data Against Government Monitoring

There is no doubt that certain nations monitor their nationals’ online activities, and there is no way to predict when other nations won’t follow suit. You might not be breaking any laws, yet that doesn’t ensure you would like the authorities to have unrestricted access to your information. Get a virtual private network to hide your IP address from the authorities so they cannot view your online activities.


5. Overcome Geographic Limitations

You can find accessing numerous services and websites challenging if you don’t reside in the United States or go overseas. Since copyright regulations came into effect, streaming platforms like Netflix have restricted certain content’s accessibility to customers outside of the United States.

To get over these hurdles, you can hide your IP address. The IP address identifies where you are. However, when your VPN service streams your information over a server in another nation, the traffic will appear to originate from that different place. The streaming or website service will remove such content limitations for you as they won’t be aware that you are situated in a different place.


Bottom Line

Although you can’t mask the IP address from everybody, you can only disguise your geolocation and your laptop’s unique IP address. Since security remains a goal to pursue in the era of pervasive technology, we hope this blog has assisted or convinced you to hide your IP address.