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5 Best Cybersecurity Practices That Are Worth Your Time

Is your private and sensitive data secure? Large, medium or small businesses could fall victim to cyberattacks. During just the first half of 2022, there have been over 817 data breach cases in the US. The average cost for these breaches amounted to $4.35 million.

Since cybercrimes have become common, small businesses must establish robust cybersecurity systems. In this guide, we have highlighted some of the best cybersecurity practices, and you can visit VPNgeniX today to find a secure VPN service for business.

Identifying Phishing Emails

As you can tell by the name, phishing emails are how cyber attackers can clickbait you or trick you into providing them with sensitive information. They can easily reel personal information about you with just a few clicks.

These emails can be disguised as promotional offers or an organization conducting research. They can also be from a familiar email address, so you trust them. Not many people can spot phishing emails. Hence organizations must have a system in place to identify them.

Two-Factor Authentication and Strong Passwords

These hackers have powerful algorithms to guess a difficult password correctly. A strong password means using a mix of 12 upper-case and lower-case alphabets and adding symbols and numbers.

Having a strong password isn’t nearly enough. Security professionals at VPNgeniX recommend two-factor multi-factor authentication for enhanced protection. This way, you need different factors before accessing a resource or program.

Install Anti-Virus

Even when you have the best IT department, they can make mistakes. Having anti-malware and antivirus software for all your devices would provide an additional layer of security and protection and can easily detect phishing attacks.

Modern antivirus software automatically updates itself, and you won’t have to do it manually. You can also clean any infected files or apps so you can continue using everything safely without damaging your devices. Check out VPNgeniX if you’re looking for antivirus with VPN service providers.

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Back-Up Data

Ransomware attacks are damaging threats to any organization. Cyberattackers can get their hands on a company’s data and prevent them from accessing it unless they pay the price for it. Hackers can easily encrypt the data, and no one can view it without a key or decryption tool.

All businesses must regularly back up all their data and have a secure copy. In any catastrophic circumstance, you will still have access to this data—while it may disrupt your organization’s ability to operate normally, you can address any data breach in time.

Automatic Software Updates

Updated software means having all the necessary security updates to keep your organization safe. New codes are constantly added to prevent data breaches or malware. Ensure every software or application used in your organization is the latest.

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