Ways to deal with bandwidth throttling.

Bandwidth Throttling: What Is It and How to Stop It

Sometimes, your internet service provider intentionally slows down your internet speed. This process is called bandwidth throttling. There are several reasons for bandwidth throttling, like data caps and network congestion. Let’s discuss signs of data throttling and ways to deal with it.

Reasons ISPs Throttle Your Bandwidth

Network Congestion

High bandwidth usage slows down traffic for the rest of the users in the locality. Therefore, bandwidth throttling is used by ISPs to curb traffic for people engaging in heavy bandwidth activities.

Furthermore, not every ISP can live up to their promises of unlimited data and super-fast internet. The nature of online entertainment is such that ISPs fail to keep up with 4K gaming or streaming, so they throttle bandwidth to level the playing field.

Data Caps

Some internet service providers limit how much data you can use monthly. As a result, you may experience sluggish speeds toward the end of the month.

These slow speeds mean you have crossed your monthly limit. You can keep tabs on your data usage by logging into your broadband account.

Forbidden Activities

In some places, ISPs minimize bandwidth on activities that consume extra bandwidth or are restricted or forbidden.

ISPs do this to comply with local laws or disincentive high bandwidth activities that consume disproportionate resources.

Paid Prioritization

Internet service providers prioritize some services; therefore, you receive a higher bandwidth only when you use those services. Unsurprisingly, these services pay the ISPs more money for improved user experience.

For example, your internet service provider has a contract with Disney Plus. This contract will result in a slow internet speed when you try accessing Netflix.

How to Deal with Bandwidth Throttling?


A VPN encrypts traffic, and ISPs can’t see what you do online. A VPN helps if throttling is limited to a select few websites.

By using a VPN, you will be able to continue using those websites without being noticed by the internet service provider.

Upgrade to a Better Plan

As discussed above, a data cap may prevent you from accessing higher speeds. You can upgrade to a better internet plan.

These plans will be costly but offer a higher bandwidth and better speed throughout the month.

Do VPNs Help with Bandwidth Throttling?

Encrypting your traffic will make the VPN appear gibberish to the ISP. Therefore, they won’t notice you when searching for high-priority targets.

However, despite using a VPN, you can experience a throttled bandwidth during high-traffic periods during the day.

Most commonly, bandwidth throttling occurs when ISPs fail to offer what they promise. In these circumstances, NordVPN and ExpressVPN are two of the best VPN service providers.

These secure VPN service providers help deal with unethical bandwidth throttling depending on your online activities.

Their fast speeds offer the best performance, regardless of what you do. Also, their ultra-strong encryptions will protect your privacy across various devices.

Final Word

Bandwidth throttling is something we all have dealt with at some point. It’s annoying to experience sluggish speeds, especially when you’re working or consuming your favorite content. This is where VPNgenix comes into play. Visit our website today if you need help with antiviruses, VPN, or internet security.