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How to Remain Anonymous on the Internet

Truth be told unless you make a conscious effort, your digital footprint is not anonymous. This is especially alarming for businesses, making them vulnerable to cyber threats and socially engineered attacks such as blackmail.

It’s not uncommon or difficult for cybercriminals to learn about the key people within organizations, resulting in more effective, targeted, and hazardous attacks that can impede a company’s bottom line.

We all know that VPNs are an instant tool that helps improve online privacy. However, not all VPNs make a user completely anonymous. They just encrypt their online traffic to amplify privacy from hackers and snoopers.

But don’t fret yet because seasoned experts at VPNgeniX can help you achieve your goals of private browsing and anonymity on the web. With some technical know-how, anonymous online browsing is possible.

#1- Ad Blockers

Disruptive ads can be annoying, but they’re sometimes a lot more than a mere inconvenience. Everything you do online and all websites you visit are easily trackable, forming an online profile of the user.

But in addition to physically blocking annoying ads, most ad blockers can also prevent ads from tracking users. But they often don’t block all tracking capabilities, meaning browser fingerprinting, pixels, and supercookies could still track you.

#2- Encrypted Accounts and Apps

Contemplate the amount of sensitive information saved and exchanged on your email account. If strangers get access to it, they can misuse it in countless ways. Make sure to secure your email address if you want to protect your online privacy.

Many email servers now offer end-to-end encryption with encryption email storage and content lists to make them unassailable. However, remember that encryption isn’t worth much if your password is weak! You can also switch to privacy-oriented and encrypted messaging apps that keep all sensitive conversations private and secure.

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#3- Clean and Block Cookies

While all cookies aren’t bad, they’re one of the primary assets advertisers use to collect user data. Besides enhancing the user experience for some, cookies can track whatever you do online.

You can block them with many tools accessible through popular browsers. However, the technique has its associated drawbacks. Blocking cookies using these tools will disrupt functionality for various sites and services that use them to save your log-in sessions.

#4- Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Free public Wi-Fi saves users a great deal of costly data, making it easy to browse the web whenever and wherever needed. However, unfortunately, it’s a fairly risky way to go online from a security as well as privacy standpoint.

Snoopers and hackers are always geared up to collect personal data from public Wi-Fi because they provide an easy access point for getting at the traffic.

But you can make browsing secure when using public Wi-Fi by investing in a reliable VPN that can encrypt your traffic, hindering hackers, snoopers, governments, and advertisers to see who a user is, what they’re doing, or where they’re headed.

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